Monday not so manic anymore.



IMG_8720Hello World. My name is Richard John T Talay Cart3l if you don’t know who I am well hello there. Welcome Ive left my breadcrumbs all over the internet, I like to evolve, mutate, and tip the gods. I am a beach body coach and the online world is my playground.  I started writing online about two to 3 years ago I had same name through cart3l.  What Made me get up and started typing and taking to everyone? well I am on my voyage to happiness. I tend to not like words that has been repeated by seven hundred people. Journey is a word that people use when they start something. Well I started long time ago collecting people and individuals and there stories. You can see them all here. My tell all for what sparks what happened is here. and we also wrote a letter to dear my trump you can read that here. Its 3 parts. Soon this week I will be releasing part 3. 


Life isn’t perfect accepting that is one of the things that I have learned from this book that I am reading right now.  Cart3l is built already as a project. I know exactly how its going to land. Ive sketched and planned this project like no other. I am moving to a place now where we can park this project. A parking lot is perfect. a palace is the best. I slowly learn that as I get stronger with my workouts. I can handle so much more. a parking lot is a place in the cyber world. place is a place where omg kids can hang there artworks and showcase there talents. Ive collected them all over canada.

Hot topics with cart3l 1

Some birth from the same mothers i have. Some built by leaders who are meant to be there as soldiers to protect me. A queendom is born though imagination and reralising what powers are given to you by the great gods. great gods of comedy. Great gods of fashion, great gods of writing, great gods of people who produce things that inspire the rest of the world. I am my own publists and I am the curator of this masterpiece. My world rotates around the cyber world and I’m spreading my love. No matter what you are going trough in your life you need to keep it going honey. You are not the only one.  Just show up. I am in it for the long run now.  I am excited for the next ten years the category is called living.  to my kids You know who you are. This is our time. Waves will come you need them who you are. Stand proud. Always and forever Cyber love, Cyber beauty, Cart3l are stories of individuals of the underground wold.  Changing the world with love one post at a time. 


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