Slaying Saturdays is my business


Its been almost half a day since I pressed published on the first part of the tell all. The second part is coming soon. The reason why I came up here and started typing was because I have been really into the book that I am reading. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life. Lets have a KIKI girl.  After going trough a mental and physical torture which you will read in the part 2 of the tell all.  I have done a lot of self-care.  Self care is really a word that just blossomed recently and I think it’s because of the current millenia. There is just so much more now. If you compare everything when I was in my teens.  There was a scene in big little lies which BTW is a solid show. Where  Amabella had a panic attack and fainted because she learned about the planet being doomed.  Yes I know I know it’s from a tv show but come on. Kids now days have to use 3 different devises to play games. They use their phone, laptop and their tablets.  I was lucky to play outside and cut some flowers and  leaves and pretended to go to the market. I was lucky to play in the rain while there is a storm out.  One of the things I lost during this whole adventure was feeling like a kid.  


The book wants you too look at innocence in the behaviour of people around you. the moment I’ve put that In my inner kid came out and started giggling again.  One thing that really made want to have a kiki with y’all was when the book said surrender to the fact that life isn’t fair and spend a moment everyday thinking of someone to thank.  Life has never been easy for a guy like me. I am a gay immigrant nothing is handed to people like me. We fight to be where we are in life. And living our best honest life is hard that’s why we have a lot of people to thank. I’m thankful to have such strong family behind me.  My twin pillars my mom who is the voice in the back of my head to always supporting me and telling me what to do in life. My father who is my great Aslan. My friends, Leaders and mothers who has taken care of me every single time I get a panic attack or I’m at the lowest of my low there always there to catch me.  and to you who has never stopped caring about me even though I come crushing to your life like wrecking ball You just know exactly when to catch me. and you know exactly when to give me a push when I need it.  I am just getting started I only have one job now and that is to be strong. To keep fighting and to keep changing the world with love one post at a time.  My name is Richard John Talay Cart3l I am the mother of my own house. These are our stories. Children of the underground.  I mutate evolve and online is my playground. Cyber world, Cyber love, Cyber beauty. Cart3l is from love. Cart3l Dynasty.


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