Dear Trump. Whats up with that?

Dear Trump


Hello World. Lets get things going.  Mood yourself up everyday. I start My day by just getting myself in the mood. So Why don’t you go turn the music up.  Right now as I write this I am actually listening to my queen Beyoncé brown skin girl. I am writing this letter to Mr Trump. What’s up with your bullshit? We all already made a mistake once and putting him in power. Someone spoke to me today. We repeat what we don’t fix. Yes we all made a mistake. 


It’s not just the Americans who made a mistake because we let him go to power and we are one together. One Race The Human Race. Let’s borrow some words from the great Miley Cyrus. Omg she got the power. Dont fuck with my freedom. Back up back up back up mr trump. I’m nasty and I’m evil. I am the mother of my house. I fight like a mama bear and you are fucking up my kids life mr trump.img_1021

So I’m calling out what you’re doing. You’ve had way to much power for way too long. Destroying communities I love. Destroying kids and there futures and dreams. I may not know you personally Mr Trump But what I do know is what you are doing is wrong. We all matter in this world. I came from the third world. I am in immigrant raised by parents who fought for me to be where I am in my life.2215994926_10154246813587688_6080768206503555491_oYou are telling kids that they are not enough because of their backgrounds. you are telling kids that they shouldn’t be who they are. Well I wasn’t raised that way. How where you raised My Trump?  I was raised by my parents telling me I can be what ever I want! They gave me books and legos to play and build a world.  All I am saying is your time is up!425

We are here now and we are calling all your bullshit out! Power comes with responcibilites and I am strong enough now to go hand in hand with you. My name is Richard John T Talay Cart3l I am the mother of my own house.  Always and forever Cart3l Love. Cyber Beauty, Cyber domination, This is our time! Stand proud! stand together and fight like hell. 

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