How do you start your week?


Mood Mondays. To get us going for the rest of the workweek ahead of us. Let’s talk about our health. Our bodies are our vessels that we put fuel it with and what we do with it is important. This is one of the reasons why I love being in a Fitness program. It’s not because I wanted to lose weight. It’s because I wanted to take some time and take care of myself. Selfcare is a millennial word. It was never used properly, to be honest. It’s because in the old days self-care wasn’t even a thing. People thought that you can just go ahead and keep working without working on yourself. We only have one body. You have to start with your brain every day. I keep a lot of notebooks around me. So I start my day by just writing. I zone into myself. It’s like an Oprah session but your not on camera. Ask the basic question and really zone in. How am I feeling this morning? Am I happy? What do I need to do to be 100 percent me today? You should never be ashamed of putting yourself first and tuning into yourself is just one step into becoming the next America’s next top model. Sorry, she is a child of the 90s.

wp-image-1520442488Then I get into the grove. I put my playlist on. I call it my Beyoncé beast mode. Then I do my workout. This time I’m taking care of my body by keeping it in shape and making it stronger every day. Starting working out is hard but the moment you find your groove hang into it. I talked about my whys before why I do certain things. Why and how it keeps me going? The workouts release tress for me. It gives me a sense of accomplishment by helping my self to become the better me. You can even start by just walking. It’s how I got into running. Working out is my time. I’m taking care of my body. Making it balanced, gives me energy and makes me stronger. My creative process is different when it comes to working out I’m not so in charge of the moves but I’m in charge of the energy I give into it. It’s like painting with different paints on a canvas. You need to go with the flow and merge the pain beautiful for it to work if not you will slip down and your colors won’t be so vibrant.

cropped-img_1265.jpgLoving yourself and making sure that your having fun. It’s loving yourself by taking care of your body and brain at the same time. One can’t work without the other. Always and forever. For my next fitness post, it is going to be about what I fuel my body with. How I fell in love with food again. I am also excited to tell you that our dear Mr. Trump article is soon going to have a new sister. She has detailed this one. Things you have done early too. Anyways. CART3L is from love. Cart3l is a set of stories and real individuals. From the unheard, from the children of the underground to the New age media that we are working on. Its time to be heard. You know who you are. From the tall children to my Indonesian daughter. Its time to voice your opinions and stand strong. Always and forever Cyber love, Cyber beauty, cyber world.


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