It hasn’t stopped yet. I am so thankful it hasn’t. As I wait for my fries and finally have the time to sit down and work. Today is the 50th day of the 100-day journey for me. I know crazy eh. I started this fitness program scared. Now I’m still scared but with a sense of direction. I was never lost I always knew where things are gonna land and where things are gonna be. I am a strategist first and for most. I solve problems for all the jobs I’ve taken. The thing that I add is my spirit and my drive. As a merchant, you have to know where to land certain products at the store so it becomes a highlight. It’s the same with PR and marketing. When I shine my kids shine with me.


I share the same light that I get so that they understand that their dreams are my dreams. There is more than enough light to be passed around to everyone. When strategizing for a social media account it leads to the same thing. But in other to be a successful one you must know the time to do it. Buying is a bit more of a personal level knowing your target, knowing your surroundings and knowing your clients you’re buying it for. It’s building a community. I love creating and that’s what I’m going to keep doing. When it feeds your soul then you know it is worth all the work. I just wanted to pop in and send some love to everyone who is reading this. Know that whatever it is you can do it. This week has been such a rush. Next week is going to be the same thing. We are changing things up.


  • Monday Mood Mondays To get us going for the rest of the workweek.
  • This is a classic we are gonna talk more about our love for Canada
  • Werk it out Wednesday When we talk about the people we love that’s been working it
  • Thursdays with love A story that we currently love or a person that we need to send some love too.
  • Freaky Friday Just like the movie
  • Saturday Errands Crossing the dots on our weekly to-do list
  • Sunday its Sunday Funday What you get into brunch before and after.


I will be doing some new waves. I’m starting with our Cart3L Instagram. It’s a look at what we are creating and what we are working on. I will also be doing a series of photographs on the waves. So you will be seeing lots of fun stuff. We are so excited. The love that I have for searching stories and creating visuals all over Canada is going to keep continuing. Vancouver is Home is where I started is where I built a community before I left. It has changed a lot its time to be a tourist and enjoy the city again. Soon I’m heading east to come to see family. Do some work and find inspiration. Toronto is my playground its where I learned everything. It’s where I started Cart3L. It’s where I felt I finally belong to a place. Montreal is a place where I dreamed and learned how to be in business. I am also excited to show you some new designs from Mexico. Cart3L is from love. Cart3L is a place to create a place to showcase, a place to strategize a place to be who you ever wanna be. Always and forever. You know what to do. The wave is gonna come. Ride hard. Stand strong and let them know who you are. We are the children of the underground. Spread some love and some positive energy. Voice your opinions out loud.

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