The power of media Thank you drag race always with love


Oh Hello, Welcome to we do thing a little different out here. We talk about fashion, lifestyle, arts, current events, our struggle, health and more. The power of media is the topic of the night. Growing up as a gay guy tv or media really never had a role model for the gay community. It’s gay pride month and we love tipping people that had paved ways for us. Tonight we are tipping Rupaul’s Drag Race. I really have been trying to figure out if there was any in TV growing up that we can look up to that had such a strong presence in the media. Lucky for the new millennia now they have Drag Race. It is really empowering that they have a TV show where openly, gay people are the center of attraction.


If you have never seen the show at all there you are missing out. It’s a show like America’s Next model but instead, they are gay people in drag. They have different challenges where they have to act, sing, dance, perform and make garments on their own. It’s a show where Charisma Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent are the key components of making to the top to be crowned America’s next drag Superstar. The show is uplifting and courageous.


The show is about being you and we are all about that. We about accepting everyone and celebrating individuality like this amazing show. The show is funny and witty and they use words from the streets just like us in the way they communicate. They talk about their hardships and how the found drag as there cure. It is truly an amazing show. We have thanked RuPaul in this platform so many times. Which you read right here Tonight we are celebrating the show itself and how it truly has changed the world of TV. Thank you for finally having a show where there are strong gay people that are doing what they love. Strong gay people who express themselves the way they want. Pop Culture will never be the same. We are and always will be changing the world with love, letters, articles, notes, and stories. Let the music play. Be the cure, be the slayer of truth, and be kind to one one another. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all.

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