The internet have answered! Always from love cart3lfromlove.


Oh Hi, there I hope you are having a great Saturday. If you are new to us welcome to We have articles, letters, notes, stories, individuals and more. Last night we asked the question of what do you use your social media for? you can read all about that right here.  We love social media and the internet has answered in a there own way what they use social media for. So lets a did into it, shall we? People use social media for entertainment purposes. Yes, this is true and we said that in our post last night that we find social media very entertaining. Social media has been everyone goes to for Entertainment. You will be able to find anything to entertain you for hours and hours. Knowing about others was another answer that we got. Well, that truth of the matter is everyone does put their life on social media nowadays and we mean everyone has it. You can get to know someone on social media. Expression of opinion was another reason why people use social media. Everyone express themselves in social media. Everyone can say what they want about everything and anything. Trust us we know it’s an opinionated world out there and they say it on social media. The last answer that we got from online world why people use social media is Social interaction. This is where social media really started don’t you guys think? Well, people made social media! For communication purposes, not anything else.


People use to keep in touch with friends, family, people that they have met and lost contact with. That we believe is the real soul purpose on why people should be using it to communicate with each other and find out how everyone is and what everyone is doing. Use social media wisely. Use the information that you get from the millennia and spread some love like we do here at Celebrate what social media is all about communication. Always and forever We have a collection of articles, notes letters, stories and more. We are a new age media magazine where we ask questions, right about what we love, and what we learned and share them with the world. Self-help tips for the new millennia. I hope you guys are having a great Saturday just like us. Be the cure, be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Happy Hunger Games guys and may the force be with us all.

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