Model off duty is a look. Saturday Fashion Mood. Always from love



If you are new to us welcome to where we talk about Fashion, lifestyle, arts, our struggles, current events, our inspirations and more. Today is Saturday and on Saturdays we slay. Fashion is changing and we love it. Now Designers are not the only thing the people look up to when it comes to clothes. People are obsessed with street fashion and their models. Today we are talking about Models. We love models there one of the hardest workers in the world. They have to be fit and always be on top of things. They also have to hustle because of the industry that they are in. Now people look at models as a style inspiration and our favorite one is the Model off duty look.


What is a model off-duty look? It’s when models come out of the runway dressed in street style clothes. They have that relaxed dress down look that we love and enjoy. Fashion is about celebrating clothes and wearing them and the models really do make or break the collections of the designers. Gone are the days where models just sit there and look pretty. Now models have to do so much more. If you are looking for style inspiration we have chosen just some model of duty looks that we love.


We love playing with clothes and these strong creatures are a great inspiration on how people should enjoy clothing in mix and match looks. Don’t be afraid of clothing embrace it, play with it and enjoy it. Models are a great role model for the younger generations. They are hard working individuals, they are dedicated to their craft, they have to go trough criticisms and with that, they learn how to develop a thick skin. They go trough shaming every day. They have to stand up to everyone. We are about body positivist and celebrating the body that you are in. There is to much hate going on around the world and it’s really up to us to change that. Celebrate models.


We think everyone should learn a thing or two from models and not just by what they wear but also on how they have to go trough so much to be able to work in the fashion industry. Always and forever We write to inspire the uninspired. We to document, we write to educate the world about subjects that we think it’s vital for the millennia to know. You can never stop learning, you can never stop growing. Self -help tips for the new millennia. If you are look for style inspirations for the weekend. Check out these model off duty looks. Changing the world with love with articles, letters, notes, stories and individuals that we have met along the way. Be you, be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all. Have a great Saturday guys we hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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