Flash Back Friday Happy 9th Always from love cart3lfromlove.com


Hello, today is Friday and we are flashing back to where it all started for us. If you are new to us welcome we do things a little different around here. We write about Fashion, lifestyle, arts, fitness, health, current events, our struggles and more. We are an online magazine with a twist. Self-help tips for the new millennia. Today is the 9th and it’s a special day for us here at cart3lfromlove.com and we are looking back to where we started. We started just the two of us. Me and my partner. We started with an idea and went trough the motions. We then added characters from other different points of view. We then added games to in our platform to showcase individuals that we have met along the way. Then the games people in social media started to recognize us and what we are doing. Then we turned the games into waves in our platform. We then asked questions in the online world about, arts, fashion, their daily life and they have answered us. We then started tipping those who have helped us.


More and more individuals played the game we love, who we have never even imagined started to recognize us and our small little platform.  The game tag your it and let us know what you are doing. Our world and our community that we have built from scratch are getting bigger and bigger. Our life is getting faster and faster we barely have the time to breath. We haven’t stopped since the day we started this beautiful journey. We learn from our mistakes and we share that with the entire world. The courage to write, the courage to love, the courage to inspire is what fuels our magazine. It’s the millennia of the social media world. Where anyone and everyone can have their opinion. It’s such a beautiful thing to use when it comes to communicating with people. Embrace the millennia and use it to influence for the good. There is to much hate going around the world and it’s up to us in how to change that. We encourage everyone to better themselves in all aspects. We encourage everyone to stand up for their beliefs and share that to the world. What people have given us is the light and we share that with others. Now we are known to be the slayer of the truth and we will never stop and never change in educating the world and transforming the world for the better. Our magazine transforms into time.


We are going back to our roots and asking more and more hard hitting questions. Soon we will be adding more individuals along the way. Like we said in the past we never wanted to be validated but the world has validated us by doing things to mimic us or even answer us directly with our questions. We are humbled by all the blessings that we have received since day 1 of our beautiful journey. In life, you always have an option. When life gives you lemons you don’t always have to make lemonade. The sweetest fruits in life take the longest to ripen. We will continue to fight, we will continue to write and we will continue to only slay the truth of it all. We are a new kind of magazine. New waves, new words, new sound. We are and always will be cart3lfromlove.com Changing the world with love, articles, notes, letters and stories. Be the change, be the cure, be the slayer of the truth and be kind to one another. Cyber love, cyber world, cyber refresh. We hope everyone is having a great Friday.

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