Thursday fashion mood, we are tipping our favorite twins. Always from love


Hello, we hope you guys are having a great Thursday’s if you are new to us welcome to we do thing a little different around here. We are a travel magazine with a twist. We have self-tips for the new millennia. We talk about health, fitness, lifestyle, culture, art, our struggles, and our heroes. Today is Thursday and on Thursday’s we tip those that inspire us. Today we are tipping our favorite twins the Olsens. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started from there early beginning as a child star in the hit tv show Full House as Michele Tanner. But did you know the twins were fraternal? Ashley is an inch shorter than her sister and has a faint freckle above her upper lip. Mary-Kate has wider eyes and thinner lips than her two-minute-older twin. They were also the one youngest kids to be producers by the 6. Mary-Kate and Ashley were the first twins to share a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Leaving the Hollywood behind, now the twins are garnering awards for their amazing fashion lines The Row and Elizabeth James. Now they are a full blown fashion brand. The twins started the label the Row in 2006 with a question on How we could make a perfect T-shirt in a great fabric that would fit any age”. The Twins won their very first Council Of Fashion Designers of America in 2012 as Women’s Designer of the year. In 2014 the Twins won as Accessories Designer of the year for CFDA. Then came back the next year to snatch Women’ Fashion Designer of the year for the row. Since then they have been Nominated 5 years in a row for the same awards. Crazy eh. They are such great role models for young kids. They have been in the limelight going through criticisms and rehab for their eating disorders. Which they stood up for in saying that If you have a problem you should be able to talk about it.


Thank you for inspiring us and giving us something to love each and every day. Their brands are about empowering women and being able to feel good in their bodies. We are all about this and today we are tipping our hats to these amazing Icons. The Olsen twins have out down themselves. Always and forever changing and educating the world with articles, love notes, letters, and stories. We think everyone should learn from these great women. The world has too much hate going and it’s up to us to appreciate and redefine what beauty is. The Olsen twins are a great role model to have for the future generations. Happy Hunger Games and may the force be with us all. Be you, Be the slayer of the truth, and be kind to one another. Until our next post. Cyber Love, Cyber World, Cyber Refresh.

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